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This diagram simulates a game mechanic focusing on the process of finding, unlocking, and opening chests using keys. Two types of keys are represented: "One time use keys" that break upon use, and a "Reusable key," referred to as the master key, which allows opening any number of chests without getting consumed. Players start by finding chests and keys through actions modeled by source nodes labeled "Find chest" and "Find master key." Gates with a dice distribution mode introduce chance elements in acquiring one-time-use keys and triggering the discovery of chests and the master key.

Upon finding a chest, there's a set probability that a player can either find a one-time-use key or proceed directly to find the unopened chests, which can then be opened by either type of key. However, opening chests with one-time-use keys leads towards the consumption of these keys, represented by their transfer to a drain node implicitly through a conversion process. The master key, when found, changes the game's dynamics as it allows for opening all discovered chests without depletion. This act of opening chests is automated upon certain conditions, capturing the strategy of using the right key at the optimal time. The description embedded within the diagram underlines the strategic decision-making process for players between using consumable resources for immediate gain versus holding out for more durable items that offer long-term benefits.


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