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This diagram models a strategy game where a player chooses between three options to play a game and observes the outcome. The core mechanic involves sources generating resources that flow through gates with a dice-based distribution, symbolizing the random selection of strategies by the player. These strategies are abstracted as "Option 1", "Option 2", and "Option 3," each leading potentially to outcomes "Win with option 1", "Win with option 2", and "Win with option 3", respectively. Once a choice leads to a win, the probability of selecting that option again in future iterations is increased, indicating a learning system where successful strategies become more likely to be chosen again.

The design incorporates feedback loops where the outcomes of chosen strategies influence future decisions. State connections modify the likelihoods of adopting specific strategies based on previous wins, essentially allowing the diagram to "learn" from past results. This mechanism exemplifies an adaptive system where outcomes directly inform the decision-making process, making it more refined and inclined towards options with a history of success. The inclusion of dice-based gates suggests an element of randomness in the initial strategy choice, with subsequent selections becoming more deterministic as the system evolves according to the rules defined by the state connections indicating adjustments based on the results.


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