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This diagram represents an abstract model designed to simulate the concept of achieving a state of "Flow" based on a series of conditions that need to be met. The concept of Flow is defined as a highly focused mental state conducive to productivity or creativity, characterized by seven criteria: "A challenging Activity That Requires Skills," "The Merging of Action and Awareness," "Clear Goals and Feedback," "Concentration on the Task at Hand," "The Paradox of Control," "The loss of Self-Consciousness," and "The Transformation of Time." These criteria are modeled as Registers, each potentially generating a random value between 0 and 7 to represent the degree to which each condition is met.

The system's dynamics initiate from a Source labeled "Work/Play," which simulates the input of effort or engagement in an activity designed to potentially induce Flow. This input is then conditionally directed towards two states: "Flow" and "No Flow," based on the collective output of the aforementioned Registers. If all conditions are satisfied, denoted by the Register "Flow?" calculating a formula that multiplies the output values of each condition and checks for a positive product, the system transitions into the "Flow" state; this is symbolically represented by directing resources to a Pool labeled "Flow." Conversely, if the conditions are not met, resources are directed to a "No Flow" state. This bifurcation serves to visually conceptualize the binary outcome of engaging in activities with the goal of achieving Flow, dependent entirely on whether the essential psychological conditions are fulfilled.


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