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This diagram models an exploit in a game environment, specifically referencing an issue in World of Warcraft where a sunken chest designed to give players 100G once could be repeatedly opened every two minutes due to an exploit, providing an unusually high rate of gold acquisition compared to standard methods. The system starts with sources that represent the initiation of actions such as attempting to open the chest ("Open 100G Chest") and the act of waiting ("Wait 2 Minutes"). Resources flow through gates and loop between pools under automatic conditions, simulating the repeated acquisition of gold and the required waiting time to exploit the chest again.

In this model, pools labeled "Player 1 Gold" and "Player 2 Gold" accumulate gold through different triggers, simulating two players exploiting the game mechanic. Resource connection formulas define the flow of resources, highlighting the specific amount of gold transferred with each exploit cycle and the conditions under which these transactions occur. The presence of state connections indicates the triggering of actions when certain conditions within the pools are met, thus automating the process of exploiting for gold. This creates a dynamic system that not only visualizes the exploit but can also be used to simulate its impact on the game's economy over time by running the diagram through multiple steps to observe resource distribution changes.


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