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This diagram models a simplified game development framework using Unity, focusing particularly on rendering and animation processes, as well as managing game objects and events within a game's runtime. It simulates how various systems within a game engine—such as object initialization, event handling, animation, and garbage collection—interact over time to create a dynamic gaming experience.

The diagram features Source nodes representing continuous game processes like "Unity Update" and instantiation triggers like "StartGame", which together fuel the operation of the game's runtime, including the initialization of game objects and the execution of events. Pools such as "MarchObjectGroup" and "EventContainer" accumulate resources symbolizing game objects and event instances, respectively, indicating the game's state at any point. Converters, and Drains manage the conversion of these resources into actions within the game, such as calling events and cleaning up memory, respectively. The interconnectivity of these elements through resource and state connections illustrates the complex interplay between updating game states, rendering animations, handling player inputs, and managing memory, providing a high-level overview of game execution logistics in a multi-threaded environment powered by Unity's job system.


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