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Ranch Sim Chicken Population Simulation


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This diagram represents a simulation of chicken population growth and management within a hypothetical Ranch Simulator environment, focusing on various key processes such as egg-laying, fertilization, chick growth, and population control mechanisms. It intricately models the cycle of chicken reproduction, starting from egg-laying by hens, which happens twice a day, through the fertilization process influenced by the presence of roosters, to the eventual hatching and growth of chicks into adult chickens or roosters. Additionally, the system incorporates a sex determination process, whereby each chick has a preset chance of becoming either a hen or a rooster, thus affecting the overall population dynamics and gender balance within the simulated ecosystem.

The diagram further examines mechanisms for managing overpopulation and achieving target population levels, employing registers and state connections to calculate and adjust necessary changes in real-time. It allows for the dynamic control of the chicken and rooster populations by determining excess numbers and directing them towards meat production, thereby ensuring sustainability within the simulated ranch environment. This detailed representation facilitates an understanding of the complexity involved in farm management and animal husbandry, specifically in maintaining an ecological balance within a closed system, allowing users to experiment with adjustments to improve efficiency or meet specific objectives such as population targets.


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