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This diagram models a progression system focused on experience points (XP) accumulation and level growth within a game or similar context. It incorporates a dynamic XP accumulation and leveling system where XP is generated, improved, spent, and needed to achieve new levels. The system begins with XP sources that generate experience points. These points are then channeled into pools that represent different facets of the gamer's progress: total XP accumulated, XP allocated for improvements, current level, and XP designated for spending. Conversion nodes transform XP into advancements, reflecting mechanisms such as level up requirements and the effect of spending XP on growth or enhancements.

The diagram includes mechanisms for automatic and exponential growth, represented by automatic gates and converters that stimulate the flow of XP based on specific formulas and conditions. Levels are earned by meeting or exceeding the XP needed for the next stage, calculated by a mathematical function that likely represents increasing difficulty or requirement for each subsequent level. State connections modify resource flows and trigger actions based on game events or player inputs, simulating the dynamic environment of progression. Registers play a crucial role in determining the evolving criteria for leveling up, essentially bridging current status with targets for advancement. This detailed setup enables the simulation of a comprehensive economic system within a game, focusing on player progression through accumulating experience and achieving levels, including mechanisms for improvements and spending strategies that impact overall progression.


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