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Games: League of Legends - Automated minion farming calculator


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This diagram represents a simulation of the farming economy in a game environment, specifically mimicking the resource accumulation dynamics observed in "League of Legends" (LoL) concerning minion waves and their corresponding gold value. It models the periodic spawning of minion waves, including melee, caster, and siege minions, along with the varying rates of siege minion appearances and their increasing gold value over time. The system takes into account the initial delay before minions start spawning and how the spawn rate of siege minions increases as the game progresses. The gold value of siege minions starts at a base amount and grows at a specified rate per minute until it caps at a maximum value. 

The graph utilizes a variety of nodes including sources to generate the continuous inflow of minions, pools to represent storage points for accumulative resources such as gold, gates to simulate conditional distributions and timings, and converters to represent the increasing gold value of specific minions. Registers are employed to calculate complex interactions such as the accumulation of gold over time and the adjustment in siege minion spawn rates. The inclusion of descriptive text within the diagram provides context and additional detail regarding the mechanics of minion waves in LoL, ensuring clarity in the simulation's purpose and operation. This allows for the analysis of farming efficiency, resource management strategies, and the impact of game progression on resource acquisition in a simulated LoL environment.


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