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Shooter RPG model


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This diagram represents a complex system designed to simulate and manage various attributes and mechanics of a character or entity within a game or simulation environment, focusing on resource management, character stats, and the interaction between different components such as battery, shield, and health systems. It clearly models the mechanics of resource accumulation and consumption, as well as bonuses and penalties through registers for entities such as arms, legs, head, power generator, shield, battery, life support, and drones. Through interactive sources, the system allows external inputs to simulate picking up batteries and shields, using abilities, and taking damage to the shield, contributing to the dynamic change in the state of the character's attributes.

Furthermore, the system intricately handles the computation of various bonuses, damage amounts, ability costs, and consumption rates of different parts and systems, such as life support and the power generator's impact on overall functionality. State connections apply modifications to these attributes, simulating gameplay mechanics like recharging shields, using abilities, and the effects of battery and shield pickups on character performance. Drains represent actions such as using abilities and receiving damage, effectively reducing resources like shield charge and health. The diagram is set up to allow for interactivity and adjustments in real-time, representing a comprehensive overview of how various components and systems within a game character can be modeled and interact in a controlled simulation environment.


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