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Shooter level progression


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This diagram represents a game progression and reward system, encompassing elements such as player experience (XP), levels, games played, and rewards unlocked. At its core, the model utilizes sources to generate XP and monitor game sessions played, with pools accumulating these resources to represent the player's current state within the game. Specifically, the sources trigger rewards XP and log sessions played. As players accumulate XP through gameplay, a converter facilitates the leveling up process based on specific criteria, with XP requirements for each level modulated by registers and state connections that calculate and adjust leveling costs dynamically. Additionally, the system accounts for the total number of games played, translating this into hours spent playing, further enriching the player's profile with metrics that could incentivize engagement through rewards or milestones.

Moreover, the diagram includes mechanics for unlocking rewards, signifying milestones or achievements players can unlock through gameplay, thereby increasing player retention and engagement. Registers in the diagram play a critical role in calculating the dynamics of level progression and the impact of playing sessions on the overall game economy. The interplay between these components—XP accumulation, level advancement, sessions played, and rewards granted—creates a comprehensive gameplay loop. This loop ensures continuous player engagement by providing clear progression metrics and incentives, fostering a more immersive and rewarding game experience.


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