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RTS building mechanics


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This diagram represents a resource management and unit/building production system typical in strategy games. It primarily revolves around managing two key resources, Gold and Timber, stored in their respective pools, to produce various units and build structures. Units include Soldiers and Archers, while Buildings encompass Barracks, Mills, and Towers, each requiring a specific amount or type of resource to be created. Production of these entities is controlled through Converters, which transform Gold and Timber into the desired units or buildings.

Resource flow is directed from the Gold and Timber pools towards the Converters to produce the desired assets. This is facilitated by Resource Connections indicating the required amount of resource for each conversion. Delays are implemented to simulate production time, creating a more realistic delay between resource consumption and unit/building production. Meanwhile, the Buildings produced contribute to further producing Soldiers, Archers, or Towers, as indicated by State Connections that activate Converters based on the availability of certain buildings. This creates a feedback loop where buildings enhance unit production capabilities, thus expanding the player's ability to manage and deploy resources more effectively for strategic advantages.


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