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Converter Engine -Travel and trade in Elite


travel and trade in Elite
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This diagram represents a dynamic economic and trade simulation set in a space-themed environment, focusing on resource management, trade, and technological advancements between two planets, labeled as "Planet A" and "Planet B". It incorporates a variety of pools to emulate resources like credits, missiles, extended cargo bay, and docking computer, alongside converters that simulate the transformation or exchange of these resources. 

The simulation's mechanics are driven by interactive and passive actions, where resources are transferred, converted, and accumulated across different nodes, reflecting a complex economic interaction. For example, "Credit" pool serves as a central economic hub, receiving and distributing resources to various technology development nodes (Missiles, Extended Cargo Bay, Docking Computer) through converters, indicating investment in technological advancements. Additionally, the model simulates trade dynamics between the two planets, where converters also function to facilitate trade exchanges, further enriched by state connections applying conditions for these trades. The strategic placement of drains indicates points where resources can be consumed or lost, adding a layer of risk and decision-making to the economic model. Overall, this diagram offers a rich framework for exploring the interplay between resource management, technological investment, and trade in a space-themed setting.


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