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Character Leveling


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This Machinations diagram represents a complex and interactive game economy and design model focused on player health, resource management, and level progression systems. At its core, the diagram simulates various game mechanics such as starting levels, gaining or losing health points, managing stamina, and accruing wealth or score points based on in-game actions and outcomes. 

Players start levels with defined health and resources, represented by 'Level start' sources, which then interact with various pools and gates simulating game scenarios such as passing blocks, achieving 'Perfect' scores, and level win or loss conditions. The diagram also includes mechanisms for stamina and wealth leveling, impacting gameplay based on the player's actions and accumulated resources. Registers across the diagram compute and conditionally modify states based on gameplay outcomes, affecting player stats like health, wealth, and score. This model intricately combines elements of randomness, conditional logic, and resource management to simulate a game's dynamic economy and player progression, reflecting the complexity of modern game designs.


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