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RibbonAx Kaiju Economy


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The diagram models an intricate virtual ecosystem centered around the creation, staking, and interaction of Kaiju-themed digital assets within a blockchain environment. It simulates a dynamic market where users can generate various types of Kaiju, including Genesis Kaiju, Mutant Kaiju, and Baby Kaiju, through different production options and by using specific resources like $RWASTE and $SCALE. These assets can be staked to earn additional resources or used in breeding to create new Kaiju. The ecosystem includes conversion mechanisms that allow for the trading and upgrading of Kaiju, and a marketplace (Kaiju Mart) for users to buy, sell, or exchange their digital assets. Additionally, there are pools for merchandise, whitelist store privileges, DNA, and Scientists, reflecting various strategies for asset utility and growth within the game. Resource connections enable the transformation, allocation, and consumption of these digital assets and resources, driving interactions in this virtual economy. Gates manage the probabilistic outcomes and state changes, simulating randomness and decision-making processes inherent in game mechanics. The overall behavior is a simulation of an engaging, decentralized gaming economy that illustrates the complexities of managing digital assets on a blockchain platform, including resource accumulation, asset creation, and strategic utilization for growth or benefits within the virtual ecosystem.


Kaiju Economy
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