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Kaiju Kingz Economy by RibbonAx


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This diagram models a complex ecosystem based around the production, management, and utilization of resources within a fictional Kaiju-themed game environment. Within this system, various types of Kaiju (Mutant, Baby, and Genesis) serve as sources for two primary resources, $RWASTE and $SCALE, which can be accumulated in pools and used for multiple activities such as upgrading Kaiju, creating DNA through a converter mechanism, or engaging with external entities like Scientists or trading platforms (DEX/LP, Merch Store). The ecosystem also incorporates unique mechanisms like "Risk Protocol" where Scientists can claim a fraction of resources from failed activities and the possibility of breeding Baby Kaijus. Resources flow through the system via connections that might involve conditional distributions (e.g., based on success rates of DNA creation or tiers of Kaiju upgrades) managed through gates that dictate resource allocation based on deterministic or random outcomes. This intricate web of resource flow and transformation underlines a simulation of an economy with elements of risk, strategy, and resource management central to player engagement and gameplay dynamics.


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