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Mi Cookie clicker


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This diagram models a simple cookie-clicking game that simulates the process of generating cookies through manual clicks and automated systems. In this game, players can generate "cookies" by clicking a button represented by a Source node or by purchasing autoclickers through a Converter node. The game features three main resources: "clicks," "autoclickers," and "cookies." 

Players start by manually clicking the "click" button, which directly increases the cookie count in the Cookie Pool. They can also invest cookies in autoclickers by converting cookies into autoclickers through the "BuyAutoClicker" Converter node. These autoclickers then automatically generate cookies at a specified rate, deposited back into the Cookie Pool. Additionally, players can invest cookies to upgrade their cookies per click rate by interacting with a "Upgrade" Drain node, which, upon activation, enhances the rate at which cookies are generated per click. The game's dynamics are further influenced by various State Connections that modify the behavior of resources and nodes based on conditions and triggers, allowing for a more complex and reactive gameplay experience. The setup creates a feedback loop where players must balance the generation of cookies with investments in upgrades and autoclickers to optimize cookie production.


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