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Souls-like Balancing


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This diagram represents a complex role-playing game (RPG) leveling and progression system, focusing on experience points (XP) accumulation, player leveling, area progression, and time management. It simulates how players earn XP through defeating enemies and bosses, level up, and progress through different game areas, factoring in the possibility of player death and its impact on gameplay.

Sources provide XP from different activities, such as defeating regular enemies and bosses, and also denote progress into new game areas. Pools store accumulated XP, the player's current level and area, and track the time to finish an area, among other things. The system uses converters to represent leveling up, which requires accumulated XP and affects the player's level. Registers calculate dynamically changing values, such as XP per enemy based on the current game area and the chance of dying, which considers the player's level relative to the area difficulty and whether a boss is being fought. State connections reflect conditions and changes in the game state, such as level up requirements or if the player has died. Drain nodes are used to symbolize losing XP upon death or the passage of time within an area. The system intricately models how these elements interact over time, illustrating the complexity of game progression mechanics and providing insight into the balancing of player experience in a hypothetical RPG game environment.


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