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Candy Crush - Sample


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This diagram models a game's mechanics focusing on player progression, resource management, and decision-making processes based on different game conditions such as difficulty levels, lives left, booster availability, and in-game purchases with currency and real money. At the core, it simulates the interaction between acquiring and using boosters, managing lives, progressing through levels, and the conditions under which a player might opt to purchase in-game items or currency with real money to aid in their progression. Registers calculate variables like level difficulty, when to use or buy boosters, and whether to purchase extra lives or bundles based on current game state conditions like booster count, gold bars, and lives.

It incorporates mechanisms for events that provide gold, decision-making on whether to use boosters for difficult levels or when low on lives, and economic decisions relating to in-game purchases with real currency or gold bars. The system simulates the flow of various resources: gold bars gained from events or spent on purchases, lives replenished over time or via purchases, and boosters acquired and used for gameplay advantages. The interplay between resources, game states, and player decisions aims to capture a dynamic gaming experience where players strategize on resource use and purchases to progress in the game.


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