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This diagram represents an automatic idle game simulation similar to Cookie Clicker, where the primary mechanic involves generating and accumulating resources, referred to as "cookies" in this context. The simulation starts with a base production rate of cookies and unfolds in a self-sustaining cycle which involves the strategic deployment of buildings such as Cursors, Grandmas, Farms, Mines, and Factories, each contributing to the increase in cookie production per second. As resources amass, these buildings can be purchased automatically according to specific rules and formulas set within the diagram, with the cost of subsequent buildings of the same type increasing exponentially. Upgrades become available and can be automatically applied to enhance productivity further once certain conditions are met, such as having a sufficient number of a specific building type.

The game's complexity is enhanced through mechanisms like Golden Cookies, which offer temporary boosts to production rates, and the strategy around when to trigger upgrades or invest in new buildings for optimal growth. Interactions between nodes demonstrate sophisticated economic decisions, managing resources to balance immediate gains with long-term growth. This diagram meticulously calculates the evolving costs and benefits of various upgrades and expansions, capturing the essence of idle games' engaging loop of growth and optimization. Through its various nodes and connections, it models the dynamic nature of game progress, encapsulating the player's journey from basic manual clicks to a sprawling cookie empire powered by an array of productivity-boosting assets.


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