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Minecraft Hunger And Exhaustion Meters


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This diagram models a complex system designed to calculate and manage resource allocation for an expedition, explicitly factoring in various activities and their impact on a player's hunger and exhaustion levels. The system is structured around a simulated environment where actions such as walking, sprinting, swimming, and engaging in combat are quantified in terms of their drain on the player’s resources, represented by pools for hunger bar points, exhaustion level points, and other specific activities like mob hits and falls. These activities are processed through a series of converters that transform these actions into exhaustion points using predefined rates of resource depletion per activity, highlighting the interplay between different types of expenditures and their cumulative impact on the player's ability to sustain an expedition.

Resources are generated from a source and then routed through gates and converters that model the transitional states between different activities and their corresponding energy expenditures. For instance, walking and sprinting convert into exhaustion points at different rates, reflecting the increased energy cost of faster movement. Resource connections modulate the flow of resources throughout the system, ensuring that the depletion of hunger and accumulation of exhaustion are accurately represented over time. Registers track distances and time increments, emphasizing the strategic planning aspect of managing an expedition's resources. The system dynamically drives towards a state where the player must balance the urge to explore with the physiological constraints of hunger and fatigue, culminating in an automatic reset once exhaustion levels hit a predefined threshold, simulating the need for rest and recovery.


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