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Games: League of Legends Hextech Chest Gacha v2


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This diagram represents a system that simulates the economy of in-game microtransactions and resource management, specifically focusing on elements like key fragments, keys, Hextech chests, and various drops from these chests such as skin shards, champion shards, emotes, ward skin shards, and summoner icon shards. The system starts with sources that generate wins and microtransactions, which lead to acquiring key fragments and the option to buy and open Hextech chests. Key fragments are then converted into keys, which are used alongside Hextech chests (acquired either by a chance mechanism upon winning games or through microtransactions) to unlock various in-game items.

The system uses gates to model probabilities such as the chances of receiving key fragments post-game, the likelihood of obtaining Hextech chests based on game performance, and the drop chances of different items from opened chests. Converters are utilized to simulate the actions of forging keys from fragments and opening chests with keys to receive items. The pools represent the accumulation of resources such as key fragments, keys, Hextech chests, and the various items that can be obtained from these chests. Traders might represent the exchange or purchase mechanisms within the game’s economy, incorporating player decisions like investing in microtransactions to obtain resources directly. This model captures the dynamics of resource flow in a game's economy, illustrating how player actions, chance, and strategic purchases interact within a microtransaction-based system.


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