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Copy of Games: FIFA 20 - Cards Chance and Rarity for Regular Packs


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The diagram represents a computational model for simulating the distribution of player cards in FIFA 20 in relation to the pack type and card rarity. It encapsulates the probabilities associated with obtaining player cards of varying quality from different types of packs, such as Bronze, Bronze Premium, Silver, Silver Premium, Gold, and Gold Premium. Each type of pack serves as a converter, which processes incoming resources (representing attempts to obtain cards) and distributes these resources according to predefined probabilities across several quality categories. These categories are captured by pools labeled with the minimum player rating achievable in that category, such as 45+, 62+, 64+, and so on, up to 83+.

The system begins with a source node that endlessly supplies resources, symbolizing the continuous purchase of packs by players. Through a series of gates and resource connections with probabilistic distributions, these resources are funneled into the pack converters. Each converter then uses its rules to simulate the outcome of opening a pack, assigning resources to various quality pools based on the set probabilities. This structure allows for the study of how different pack types contribute to the overall distribution of player card quality in the game, highlighting the mechanisms behind card rarity and player acquisition strategies in FIFA 20. The configurable nature of the model permits an analysis of outcomes under different scenarios and can be used to forecast, optimize, or analyze player satisfaction and game economy dynamics based on the pack opening experience.


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