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Copy of Game: Tap Titans 2


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This diagram models a game system where players can progress through levels, defeat enemies to earn coins, and upgrade their capabilities. The primary components of this system include Pools for tracking current levels, enemy health points (HP), player coin balance, tap damage, and total levels. A key feature of this system is the conversion of defeating enemies into earning coins, which can be used to upgrade the player's damage output. 

The interaction between nodes is set up to simulate combat mechanics and progression within the game. An enemy's HP decreases due to player attacks, which is represented by a Drain node receiving resources from the enemy HP Pool. When an enemy's HP reaches zero, coins are generated (simulating an enemy defeat), which can then be spent on upgrades to increase the player's tap damage. This creates a feedback loop where defeating enemies strengthens the player, enabling them to tackle tougher challenges and progress further. Total levels act as milestones or stages in player progression, with the possibility of ending the game session (prestige) based on reaching a certain level or condition, adding a strategic element to timing upgrades and resource management.


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