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TP1 Machinations minecraft


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This diagram represents a system designed to model various mechanics within a game environment, focusing on enemy encounters, item enchantment, and wheat farming cycles. At its core, it simulates the interactions between players and enemies, the process of enchanting items with experience gained from defeating enemies, and the progression of planting and harvesting wheat. 

Key elements include sources generating attacks, items, and wheat seeds, which then flow through gates and pools representing different states such as critical hits, normal hits, types of enchantments, and stages of wheat growth. Converters are used to transform resources, indicating the application of damage or the progression of growth stages, leading to outcomes like enchantment application or wheat ready for harvest. Drains in the system signify the consumption or use of resources, such as the expenditure of experience on enchantments or the harvesting of wheat. Delays are modeled to represent time-based mechanisms, like the cooldown between actions or the growth time for crops. The system intricately combines these mechanics to provide a comprehensive framework for analyzing game dynamics concerning enemy encounters, item management, and agriculture.


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