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Hearthstone Battlegrounds Economy Simulator


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This diagram represents a complex economic simulation system integrating game elements such as resource management, purchasing strategies, and progression mechanics through tire upgrades and card transactions. At the heart of this simulation, various types of nodes interact to emulate the flow and consumption of resources—represented by pools for storing resources like "Gold Wallet," "Tire Level," and "Cards in Hand," sources generating new turns and resource increment events, and converters facilitating transactions like "Tire Up," "Buy Card," and "Sell Card." Registers and state connections dynamically adjust the flow based on conditions and outcomes from actions such as upgrading tires or buying and selling cards, which, in turn, affect the player's resource levels and capabilities. 

The involvement of interactive drains, specifically indicated for ending turns and executing rolls, alongside various sources, dictates the pacing and introduces an element of randomness and strategic decision-making into the simulation. Resource connections manage the distribution of resources, implementing both deterministic and conditional flows, thereby simulating economic transactions and upgrades within the game. This configuration enables the simulation of a game economy where players manage resources to optimize outcomes, upgrade levels, and engage in strategic purchasing decisions, all while navigating through a simulated game environment dictated by turns, resource acquisition, and expenditure.


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