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This diagram models a simplistic RPG combat mechanism where a player engages with a monster until either of them depletes their hit points (HP). The player starts with a predefined amount of HP and can use gold to purchase portions which, when consumed, increase the player's HP. Throughout the combat, the player spends hit points in the process of dealing damage to the monster; when the monster's HP reaches zero, gold and experience points (EXP) are rewarded to the player, enabling the player to buy more portions or accumulate wealth and experience.

The diagram incorporates a cycle of resource allocation and consumption tactics, engaged between the player and the monster. Combat continues through automatic and conditional interactions such as the consumption of portions to replenish HP, decrementing the HP of the monster upon attacks, and criteria for ending the game once the HP of the player or the monster reaches zero, simulating a game over scenario. Converters are employed to model the conversion of gold to portions and portions to HP, enhancing the player's survivability. Moreover, sources automatically generate resources like gold and EXP upon defeating the monster, as indicated by the monster's HP reaching zero, highlighting the loop of combat, reward, and resource management fundamental to RPG gameplay mechanics.


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