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The diagram models a workflow for a production and economy system involving elements such as Energy, Cash, Production Processes, and Customization. At its core, the system features a continuous cycle of energy production, usage, and regeneration, alongside a cash generation mechanism. Energy is produced indefinitely by a "Rest Mechanic" and feeds into an "Energy Pool", which then powers a "Start Production Process" converter, initiating the production cycle. This cycle starts from "Preproduction", moves resources through "Production", and ends with "Post production", all the while consuming energy at specific intervals. Energy is also regenerated from a dedicated "Energy Regen" pool, ensuring a constant flow to support ongoing production.

Additionally, the system includes a "Cash Generator" source, feeding into a "Wallet", which simulates an economy by generating cash at variable rates. Cash from the "Wallet" can be used in the "Purchase Customization" converter to acquire "Customizations", showcasing a simplified economic transaction. The implementation of State Connections influences the production cycle and cash generation, for example, completing "Post production" triggers the "Cash Generator" to enhance the cash flow, and purchasing "Customizations" influences the cash generation rate. This setup reflects a dynamic system where production, energy management, and economic transactions interact to maintain a continuous flow of resources and activities, showcasing potential applications in game economy and production systems.


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