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This diagram represents a multi-level progression system where resources are generated and managed across different levels to achieve advancement. Starting at the base, resources are produced indefinitely by a Source node, suggestive of an ongoing input or activity in the system. These resources are first deposited in a Pool labeled "Level 1," representing the initial stage of progression. As resources accumulate, they must be actively managed and converted to allow progression to higher levels, indicated by "Level 2" and "Level 3" Pools, among others not explicitly detailed.

The interactive Converters play a crucial role in this process by requiring specific actions (in this case, a click) to merge resources into the next level. This manual interaction suggests a gameplay or system mechanic where the player or user decides when to upgrade or advance to the next level. The doubling of resources through certain connections between levels indicates an escalating requirement or challenge as the user progresses through the system. The overall behavior of this diagram demonstrates a basic but fundamental game design principle of level progression, resource management, and user interaction, where the accumulation and strategic deployment of resources are essential for advancement.


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