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The Fabled Token Flow


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This diagram models a complex in-game economy and progression system for a game that incorporates both immediate in-game rewards and long-term blockchain-based assets. At the core of the system, sources generate "ASH" (in-game currency) and "ABYS" (ERC-20 tokens), which are stored in pools and can be redistributed through various game mechanics. Players can earn ASH through gameplay, represented by a source node, and then decide to spend this currency within an NPC Item Store to obtain items, or convert ASH into ABYS for blockchain-related transactions, such as minting NFTs. ABYS earned can also be spent in a simulated Automated Market Maker (AMM) system for trading and potentially earning more ASH or ABYS, further enhancing the game's economy.

Game progression is closely tied to the acquisition and expenditure of these resources, with mechanics for leveling up, upgrading abilities, and replenishing energy inclusively modeled. Experience points (XP) are accrued and can be spent to level up, which in turn could lead to additional rewards or abilities. Notably, the system incorporates a stochastic element where certain outcomes, such as successful minting or item acquisition, are determined by chance, modeled through gates with probabilities. Furthermore, players can manage their character's energy, a crucial resource for undertaking activities within the game, which regenerates over time or can be quickly replenished through potion purchases. The intricate interplay of sources, pools, converters, and drains, alongside probabilistic gates and resource management registers, outlines a dynamic and engaging game economy that motivates both short-term engagement and long-term investment.


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