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3 Persona Concurrency


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This diagram represents a complex economic and player behavior model for an online game, focusing on player acquisition, retention, churn rates, and in-game activities such as combat, deposit, and mining. It simulates the flow of new players into the game and their progression over different time intervals (1 day, 7 days, 30 days), factoring in aspects like retention and churn. The model uses sources as entry points for new players, representing daily new player counts, which are influenced by random factors to mimic real-world variability.

Various pools accumulate the total number of players, distinguishing between different player segments based on their in-game behavior and retention over time. The model uses delays to represent retention over specific periods, gates to randomly simulate player actions, and drains to account for player churn. Additionally, registers calculate key metrics such as churn risk and specific activity rates (combat, deposit, mining) for different player types (standard, earner, whale), offering insight into the economic impact of player behaviors on the game's economy. Through the interconnection of these elements, the diagram provides a dynamic tool for analyzing and predicting player engagement and economic patterns within the game.


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