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This diagram represents a Player vs Economy Simulation within a gaming context, focusing on managing player lives, levels played, and interactions with in-game advertisements and gem sinks. At its core, the system cycles through various stages of a player's interaction with game levels, including playing levels, losing lives based on failure probabilities, watching ads to regain lives, and the potential for purchasing extra lives using gems when the player runs out of lives. Key components such as Sources trigger actions like playing a level, losing a level, watching an ad, and regenerating lives automatically or based on certain conditions. Pools serve as holding places for different currencies and resources like levels played, lives lost, ads received, and gems used. These are manipulated through Gates, which incorporate chance operations determining whether a player loses lives during levels, receives ads, or uses gems to buy lives. State Connections modify the system dynamically, responding to changes such as the depletion of the player's life pool, thereby triggering life regeneration mechanisms or ad watching opportunities as a means to replenish lives. The interplay of these elements simulates the delicate balance between player actions and the game's economy, emphasizing the impact of player choices and chance on resource management and game progression.


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