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Gacha System


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This diagram models a Gacha Pity System, a popular mechanism in games where players receive random rewards with varying rarity levels. At its core, the system has a Gate that simulates the chance of drawing items of different rarities, like Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Mythical, each stored in their respective Pools with designated probabilities for drawing each rarity type. These probabilities are set to distribute resources (rewards) to the Pools at rates that reflect the intended scarcity of each item type, such as a higher chance for Common items and a significantly lower chance for Mythical items.

An innovative aspect of this diagram is the incorporation of a "Pity Counter" Pool, which tracks the number of attempts a player makes without receiving a high-rarity item. Once certain conditions are met, such as a high enough number of attempts, the system adjusts the probabilities to increase the chances of receiving a higher rarity item on the next draw, effectively ensuring that players are rewarded for their continued engagement with the game. Additionally, sources, drains, and registers are utilized to manage the flow of resources and track various states, creating a dynamic system that can simulate the psychological impact of reward mechanisms in gaming.


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