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Heat Mitigation


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This diagram models a resource management and strategy game focusing on mitigating heatwaves in a city environment through various interventions. Players engage with different districts, managing resources such as budgets, emergency scores, population counts (including resilient populations), combined mitigation scores, and CRE levels across various phases or rounds of the game. Strategic investment in mitigation measures like electric fans, cooling centers, hydration stations, shade structures, AC units, cool surfaces, photovoltaic systems, and urban green spaces using allocated budgets is crucial. These investments impact the resilience of the population to heat, reduce emergency scores, and improve CRE levels, aiming to prevent the loss conditions triggered by excessive heat scores or inadequate CRE levels.

Players navigate through interactive rounds, making decisions on emergency responses and infrastructural upgrades based on the dynamic scenarios presented by the game, such as heatwaves. The diagram encompasses mechanisms for calculating the resilience ratio, adjusting emergency scores based on the severity of the heatwave, and managing budgets for implementing various cooling measures and green initiatives. Success in the game demands careful planning and resource allocation to enhance district resilience, maintain population well-being, and prevent triggering 'You Lose' conditions by surpassing heat scores or failing to keep CRE levels within safe thresholds.


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