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Webinar: Examples of Core Game Loops


This is the model that we created as part of the Webinar focused on Core Game Loops. The video will be uploaded to our YouTube channel
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This diagram models a complex multi-faceted simulation that encompasses various game mechanics and decision loops, integrating elements from strategy, idle, crafting, racing, trading card, mining, and farming games. At its core, it elaborates on the generation, allocation, conversion, and consumption of resources through interconnected systems to simulate gameplay mechanics. Key components include resource production (such as materials or currency), management (managing troops, building levels, race levels, health points), and progression systems (level advancement, crafting upgrades, and completing game loops). 

Automatic gate nodes trigger sequences of actions, such as playing levels, attacking with cards, and players losing health points, aligning with traditional gameplay mechanics where players engage in battles, resource management, and strategic planning to progress. Converters play a critical role in transforming resources into usable game items or advancements, such as crafting potions, building armies, or upgrading race cars, symbolizing the typical game progression and skill development systems. The elaborate interlinking of resources, converters, and gates suggests a dynamic model that could be used to simulate and analyze the balance and flow of game economies and systems, ensuring engaging and sustained player progression and interaction.


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