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This diagram represents a complex system designed for crafting within a game economy, where players gather ingredients to craft items and complete missions, with the aim of progressing through mission numbers. The core loop involves resources named "Red" and "Black," with Black resources playing a pivotal role in various actions such as finding ingredients, crafting, and mission completion. The diagram employs multiple sources that generate these resources, pools to store and manage them, and gates to control their flow based on specific conditions. Registers within the system perform calculations that influence the resource flow, notably determining mission completion outcomes based on the number of items crafted and ingredients found.

Crafting is central to the diagram, supported by a subsystem for gathering ingredients, indicated by pools that interact with a converter and are influenced by state connections that trigger resource generation based on the gameplay conditions, such as the completion of crafting missions or the finding of ingredients. Missions increase in number dynamically, driven by automatic gates and specific resource connections that simulate the complexity of game missions' requirements. This mechanism is designed to provide a scalable challenge to players, where the progression through missions is determined by the players' ability to efficiently gather and utilize resources within the game's economy.


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