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This Machinations diagram models a specialized tokenomics system designed for projecting and analyzing various economic and incentivization scenarios within a blockchain or cryptocurrency environment. At its core, the diagram focuses on the dynamics of token generation events (TGE), vesting schedules, and staking mechanisms, highlighting the interplay between initial token distribution, timed unlocking of tokens, vesting conditions, and incentives for long-term holding or staking.

The diagram employs a complex arrangement of sources, pools, registers, gates, and state connections to simulate interactions between different stakeholders (such as investors, developers, and users) and the crypto asset itself. It evaluates the impact of these interactions on the key variables like token supply, circulating supply, sell pressure, and staking rewards over time. Registers calculate and adjust various parameters based on formulas that account for factors like optimism, pressure, and vested tokens, thereby facilitating a nuanced understanding of how these variables influence each other and the overall ecosystem. Gates control the flow of resources, modeling automatic events like the TGE or user-driven actions like selling or staking tokens, whereas delays represent time-locked conditions such as cliffs in vesting schedules. The diagram ultimately aims to offer insights into optimal token distribution strategies, staking incentives, and mechanisms to ensure long-term project sustainability and value retention for token holders.


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