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Save Abuse (Save Scumming)

"Save abuse" refers to a gameplay strategy where a player frequently saves their progress in a game to avoid losing progress or avoid failure, often to the point of exploiting the save system for personal gain. Save abuse is commonly used in games with save points or quicksave features, where players save their game at regular intervals, even after completing easy or routine tasks. This strategy allows players to restart from the last saved point if they make a mistake, encounter a difficult challenge, or simply wish to retry a section. While save abuse can be an effective strategy to avoid frustration and progress in the game, it can also be seen as a form of cheating or exploitation of game mechanics. Some players also argue that it can detract from the immersive and challenging aspects of a game, making it less rewarding to complete.

Save abuse


Save abuse, often known as "save scumming," is a gameplay strategy employed by players who frequently save their progress in a game to avoid potential setbacks, failures, or challenges. This practice is particularly prevalent in games that feature save points or quicksave functionality, where players can create a snapshot of their current progress and reload from that point at will.

A common example of save abuse occurs in a narrative-driven role-playing game with consequential choices. In such a game, a player might save before making a critical decision that influences the storyline. After seeing the immediate consequences of their choice, the player can reload the saved game to explore alternative outcomes without permanently committing to a particular narrative path. This allows players to experiment with different choices, optimize outcomes, or avoid unfavorable consequences.

While save abuse can serve as a valuable tool for players seeking to minimize frustration or explore alternative paths in a game, it also raises ethical considerations. Some argue that excessively relying on save abuse diminishes the intended challenge and risk-reward balance designed by the game developers. It can be seen as a form of cheating, as players manipulate the save system to secure optimal outcomes or breeze through difficult sections without facing the consequences of their actions.

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