User Profile

    User Profile

    All user info is clustered under your Profile Picture.

    In the drop-down that opens you can find a snapshot of your account’s payment plan and limits quotas, a link to your community profile, and access your account’s settings.

    Here is where you can update your personal information:

    1. Avatar and profile background picture
    2. First & Last Name
    3. Email address and Password
    4. Role
    5. Comapny Name
    6. Location
    7. Bio
    8. Phone Number
    9. Social media profile links
    10. Information about the games you’re working on
    11. User Key – generate and use this key to integrate with our APIs

    Here is where you can:

    1. Review/Change your payment plan
    2. Change Billing Cycle (monthly/yearly)
    3. Update Billing details
    4. Download issued invoices
    5. See next billing date, pending or scheduled updates to your Payment Plan (Billing Policy)​
    6. Cancel subscription​

    Here is where you can review and select which payment plan suits you best.

    View/Manage your team. If you are the account owner, you’re able to:

    1. Invite teammates
    2. Set teammates roles
    3. Remove members
    4. Check the status of sent invites

    Non-owner members are only able to view who else is on the team.


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