Loot & Craft

    This example shows you how you can model a simple loot & craft mechanic.


    Remember to hit the Play button on each embedded diagram in the example below.

    hitting play in Machinations animates the game system crafted

    • Sources produce Resources
      • In this example the Spawn Enemies Source is used to simulate spawning enemies
    • → Resource Connections transfer Resources
      • The “kill” Resource Connection is used to set the rule of how many enemies are killed per Step. The player kills 1 enemy each Step. This is inputted in the Formula field. In this case, 1
    • ◯ Pools collect Resources
      • The Enemies killed Pool is used to track the total number of enemies killed
    • ⇢ State Connections change the state of elements on the diagram
      • Every time the Enemies killed Pool receives a Resource it triggers the Loot Source for one Step
      • The * Formula on the “trigger” State Connection gives the “trigger” command
    • For each enemy the number of possible drops ranges from 1 to 3
      • We simulate this by adding the d3 formula on the Resource Connection “drop”.
      • d3 represents a 3-sided die that is rolled whenever Loot is triggered
    • Gates distribute Resources
      • The dice symbol on the “distribute” Gate denotes that the distribution is random
      • The chances for each type of drop are shown on the Formulas of the connections leaving the Gate
      • We use 3 Pools to keep track of all the collected materials
    • Converters transform one type of Resource into another
      • The Converter transforms/consumes 6 Iron Nugets, 4 Metal Wires and 3 Wood Planks
      • and crafts them into 1 Bow
      • Note that crafting action happens AS SOON AS ALL Resources needed are available in their respective Pools
    • The orange connections are the variables that we can balance.
    • We can adjust either the material drop rates, material cost for crafting, or both in order to strike a balance.
    • The materials and bow Pools are added to the Chart.
    • Hit Batch Plays and see how the player’s inventory looks evolves over time.

    Add this diagram to your Machinations (big blue button top right)

    • Change the highlighted variables
    • After each change perform Batch Plays
    • Visualise how your changes affect your system in the Chart

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