Text Nodes (T) are handy to provide context for complex systems on your diagram and do not accept formulas. Their sole purpose is to help you organize your work and help others to understand the diagram.

    It is up to you to provide the appropriate information and for others to use their passive reading ability. 😀

    Text boxes offer two types of properties: Outer Text and Inner Text.

    Text boxes offer basic Color options such as Stroke and Fill color and allow for adjusting the thickness of the stroke around the box and the padding for the text it contains.

    They also provide options to set the general text styles like Font, Font size, Emphasis (Bold, Italic, Underline), Alignment (left, middle, right), Word wrap, Opacity, Size and Position.

    The width and height of a Text box can be adjusted with your mouse by grabbing the blue dots around it and then scaling it to your liking.


    Any changes to the Outer Text settings will affect the entire text within!

    To edit the text inside a Text box, you can either double-click it, or select the box and press F2 on your keyboard.

    The font color, Font face, Font size, Emphasis (Bold, Italic, Underline), Alignment (left, middle, right), and other standard options like bulleted lists, numbered lists, and indents are available to you.

    You may add links to text, and horizontal lines. However, horizontal lines can only be removed by deleting them manually or using the “Clear formatting” button.

    If you need to write multiple paragraphs in your text box, you can use the keyboard shortcuts Shift+Enter (PC) or CMD+Enter (Mac) to add a line break.

    The width and height of a Text Node can be adjusted individually, using the respective entry fields. You can also use the up- and down arrows to adjust them.

    Last but not least you may also change the position of the Text Node in relation to other elements on your diagram with the buttons “Bring to front” and “Send to back”.


    Please note that the individual font color and options such as bold, italic, and underline for text within a Text Node can be achieved by clicking the respective button and THEN start writing. 

    This will be improved in one of our future updates. It’s on the Roadmap, we promise!


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