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    Label Modifiers

    A Label on a Resource Connection determines how many Resources may move through that Connection in a given time step.


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    Label Modifiers connect an origin Node to a target Label (L) of a Resource Connection (or that of a State Connection) and indicate how State Changes in the origin Node (∆S) modify the current value of the target Label, at a current time step (Lt ) as indicated by the State Connection’s own label (M).

    The new value takes effect in the next time step (Lt+1). The amount of the change in the origin Node is multiplied by the Label Modifier’s own Label

    Lt + 1 = Lt + M × ∆S

    🔧 Let’s take the example below. Play a Step. You have a Label Modifier (M) that reads +3 and the origin Node (Pool ∆S) increases by 2 (the rate at which the Resource Connection transfers Resources from Source A to Pool ∆S). The Target Label (L) has increased by 6 in the current time step (Lt): it added to L 3 twice, once for each change in the origin Node. So, in Lt+1 (play another Step), the Resource Connection corresponding to L, will transfer 7 (6+1) Resources to Pool C.

    If the Label is the Target of multiple Label Modifiers, you will have to take the sum of all changes to find the new value: Lt + 1 = Lt + ∑( M × ∆S )


    Anything you write before a column (:) as part of a Connection’s Label acts as descriptive text, it doesn’t interfere with the flow/state of Components.


    The Label of a Label Modifier always starts with a + or – symbol.


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