Activators connect two Nodes and specify a condition to activate or deactivate the target Node based on the state of the origin Node.

    These conditions are written as an arithmetic expression (for example, ==0,=4, or !=2) or a range of values (such as 3..6).

    If the state of the origin Node meets this Condition, then the target Node is activated (it can perform its action). When the Condition is not met, the target Node is inhibited (it cannot fire).

    Please press the Play button in the example diagram below to see how Activators work. You can click on the interactive Source (Increase) and Drain (Decrease) to change the value in the Activator Pool in the middle.

    1. Notice how state changes in the Activator Pool affect each Target Source, according to the Formula on their respective State Connections.
    2. Interact with the Decrease and Increase Pools, to modify the number of Resources in the Activator Pool.

    Please check out the State Connection Formulas table to get the full picture.


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