State Connections

    State Connections

    State Connections change the state of Nodes or Connections.

    The state of a Machinations diagram refers to the current distribution of Resources among its Nodes. When Resources get redistributed, the State of the diagram/system changes.

    1. Label – descriptive text
    2. Formula – use this field to define how the State Connection affects Nodes or connections
    3. Filter – use Filter if your model requires only a certain type of Resource to change the diagram’s state

    You can change the State of diagram elements by using State Connections.

    Use State changes to:

    1. Modify the flow rates of Resource Connections.
    2. Trigger Nodes to fire, activate or deactivate them, in response to changes in Resource distribution.

    State Connections are dotted arrows, leading from the controlling Node to a Target.

    The Target can be a Node, a Resource Connection, or, rarely, another State Connection. Play the examples below.

    • When a Resource gets to Pool B it activates Source C
    • When the number of Resources in Pool B is >=6 activate transfer
    • When Pool B has 3 or more Resources activates add

    In this example, there are 3 controlling Nodes: Pools B, D and F.

    1. Pool B activates Source C as soon it receives a Resource from the automatic Source A.
    2. When B hits a number of Resources equal to or bigger than 6, it also activates the transfer between Source E and Pool F.
    3. Pool F is in itself a controlling Node and it will affect the flow of Resources between C and D, by adding +1 each Step.
    4. Pool D activates the Stop End Condition when it collects 15 Resources. The diagram stops executing.

    Formulas on State Connections indicate how or under which conditions they change the Target.


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