Sources (S) are Nodes that produce an infinite number of Resources for other Nodes to use. They can generate resources for an unlimited number of Nodes simultaneously and at various rates.

    You can adjust the properties of a selected Source, such as Label, Trigger, Action, Resource color, Style, and Position, in the Properties panel on the right.

    As with any other Node in a Machinations diagram, Sources can be passive, interactive, automatic (default setting), or enabling (once before a diagram starts), depending on its Trigger Mode.

    An example of an Automatic Source is the ongoing regeneration of the protective shields of the players’ starfighter in Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. The action to build armies in Risk would be modeled as an Interactive Source of armies, and passing Go in Monopoly would be a Passive Source of money that is triggered by a game event.


    The rate at which a Source produces Resources is a fundamental property of a Source, and is indicated by the flow rates of its outputs.

    At this point, you may want to read about Resource Connections.

    In many ways, a Source acts like a Pool without inputs that starts with a sufficiently large (or even infinite) supply of Resources. However, to model limited Sources, it is better to use a Pool with a specified number of Resources in it.


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