Unity Plugin (UP) & API


    Quick Start

    Quick Start

    The UP Asset Store package contains a Demo Scene which you can use to immediately see some of the vital aspects of how the UP integration works. In a few easy steps (also detailed in the video below), you’ll be up and running:‌

    1. Head over to the Unity Asset Store and add UP to your Unity goody bag. The Asset Store page also contains a Quick Start video.
    2. Import UP into your Unity 3D project.
    3. Open our Demo Scene which should now be located in your Project’s Assets under the following path: MachinationsUP / DemoScene / UPSampleScene.
    4. Open this diagram associated with our Demo Scene and click on “Add to My Machinations”.
    5. In Machinations, click on the Diagram Title -> Generate token:
    1. After generating your token, copy it by using the copy button next to it.
    2. Now back to Unity 3D, and go to Tools -> Machinations -> Open Machinations.io Control Panel.
    3. Paste your freshly copied User Key into the appropriate field in the Control Panel:
    1. Go back to your diagram and click the diagram title to see the Diagram Properties window, and the diagram generate token
    1. Now go back to Unity 3D and paste the token in the appropriate field of the Machinations Control Panel (as pictured above).
    2. Run the game and make a change in the diagram, for example, change the Speed.
    3. You should immediately see the changes reflected in the behavior of the demo scene.

    Here’s a demo of how easy it is to integrate Machinations Unity Plugin (UP) into your game:

    If that got your attention, maybe it’s time to start the real fun of integrating UP into your own production. Look no further than our Integration Guide.


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