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    Play Modes

    Play Modes

    Machinations diagrams are dynamic. The models you design can be played through, using 4 Play Modes. Access them in the Play bar, at the bottom of the canvas.

    Simulates player & systems interaction realtime. This is the only play mode that supports Interactive Nodes and real-time changes on the diagram during execution.

    Steps: Adjust the number of steps during execution. All Nodes on a diagram change their state synchronously during a Step.
    1 Step = 1 player action OR
    1 Step = 1 core loop OR
    1 Step = 1 game played

    Speed: Adjust the diagram execution speed. The default value is 1 second/Step. Decreasing that value “speeds up” time; increasing it “slows down time.

    Play through the diagram one step at a time. This is an easy way to debug your diagram as you build it, and identify where it breaks.

    Compute (server-side) and return the complete scenario of either one or multiple executions.


    As Quick Plays are computed server-side, you can work on a different diagram while the Orchestrator performs the simulation. You will receive a notification once Quick Plays finishes to compute the executions.

    💡 Remember to save your progress before switching diagrams.

    Plot the result of hundreds or thousands of plays, all overlaid in the Chart: a heat-map of values/time.


    Powerful simulations: a combination of Steps & Quick Plays.

    Use the number of Steps to determine how many days/actions/games the execution plays. Then determine how many times the Orchestrator should repeat this to get statistical relevant simulations, by setting the number of Quick Plays to execute.



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