Unity Plugin (UP) & API


    Main Concepts

    Main Concepts

    The following two classes are of major importance for how UP works with Unity.

    MnEntryPoint – contains an InitializeOnLoad method, which bootstraps the plugin. It creates the Machinations Service (MnService) and the Socket IO client used for communication.
    MnMainThreadHook – contains a RuntimeInitializeOnLoad method, which ensures that the Machinations Service is called by whatever scene you are loading.

    It also contains an Update method, which calls MnService‘s ProcessSchedule function at regular interval, to make sure that MnService is executed during whatever scene you may be playing.

    The goal of our Game Engine Plugin efforts is to provide libraries that support a wide range of game engines and programming languages.

    One of the core goals of UP is to accommodate complex game design, even if spread-out over multiple diagrams. UP can refer to both elements from different diagrams AND switch to a different diagram based on Game State Awareness, for the same mechanic.


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