Infinite Runner Game Loop

    Infinite Runner Game Loop

    Think about Subway Surfers, Temple Run or Sonic Dash

    Hit PLAY on the diagrams embedded throughout this example.

    Players △ Sprint5 meters/Step. ◯ Distance keeps track of how far they get.

    • △ Sources produce Resources
      • Sprint generates meters
    • → Resource Connections transfer Resources
      • The amount of meters Sprint generates is stated by the 5 on the meters Resource Connection’s Formula
    • ◯ Pools collect Resources
      • Distance keeps track of the distance (meters) the player runs

    △ Sprint generates ◯ Distance AND a ◯ Difficulty Factor. Distance is generated for each Step. The Difficulty Factor is generated once every 2 Steps.


    resource connection with interval in machinations

    The Formulas on → Resource Connections set the rules of the flows.

    In this case, the connection works in intervals. It sends 1 Resource every 2 Steps.

    • ⇢ State Connections change the state of elements on the diagram
      • We use the ◯ Distance Pool to determine how many Coins the players get, depending on how far they get
      • Each of the 3 State Connections leaving the ◯ Distance Pool do 3 things:
        1. Take feedback from ◯ Distance (how far did the player get)
        2. Check the condition in their Formula
        3. Dectivate/Activate the output △ Sources
    • Upon activation, the △ Sources generate ◯ Coins
    • The ◯ Coins Pool keeps track of the amount accumulated by the player

    If the Difficulty Factor is >1, then generate Obstacles.

    Each Obstacle can cause the player to crash.

    The ◇ Chance of Error is →10%.

    If the ◯ Player Crashes, 🔳 End Run.

    With each increase in ◯ Difficulty Factor, the → chance of Error increases by ⇢ 1%.


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