The History feature allows you to access different versions of your diagrams and the results of past Batch Plays.

    Diagram History allows you to access different versions of your saved diagram and roll back if needed.

    1. In the left-side menu select History
    2. Select the Diagram tab
    3. Navigate through the versions
    4. Chose the version you’d like to restore
    5. Use the “Restore this version” button to roll-back

    If working in a team and the diagram is shared with editing rights, you can use the drop-down in the top-right corner of the panel to choose which edits are shown.

    When Batch Plays are performed, each execution will be listed under Play History.

    In the left-side menu select History > Plays


    If during a session you perform both Batch Plays and Interactive Plays, Interactive Plays will be all nested under a drop-down labeled “Interactive Plays”.

    Interactive Plays are NOT saved from one session to the next.

    The Batch Plays performed are listed in chronological order, nested under timestamped drop-downs.


    The timestamp displayed on the drop-down is that of the diagram version, not that of the execution. To allow you to identify batch executions, for the same diagram version.

    Select or deselect the executions you’d like to be displayed on the Chart.

    Hovering over the drop-down reveals a 3-dot menu.

    From here, you can:

    1. Rename the play batch
    2. Load diagram – loads the diagram version on which this batch was executed. This is useful if you have changed the diagram between Batch Plays and want to investigate that version. The tool will enter Diagram History mode.
    3. Delete the play batch

    From here, you can:

    1. Show in Chart
    2. Highlighted – the execution will be highlighted on the chart
    3. Replay Execution – feature coming soon
    4. Load diagram – load the diagram version that contains the parameters on which this execution was run
    5. Delete execution

    If you are on one of our paid accounts, the Play History for shared diagrams is available for all users (on a paid plan) with whom you shared the diagram.

    You can select which types of simulations are displayed in the Filter drop-down in the top right corner of the left panel.


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