Google Sheets

    Google Sheets

    Export your Machinations diagrams directly to your Google Drive account.


    To export your diagram to Google Drive, you need to allow Machinations access to your account.

    This allows you to navigate and save your Machinations Diagrams into whichever Google Drive folder you want.

    Once you exported your diagram, you can access the spreadsheet from your Google Drive account and make changes to it.

    🔧 E.g. change the number of Resources available in the Timber Pool from 350 to 200.


    Export/Import to Google Drive is async. In order for the changes you make to your Google Sheet to take effect in your Machinations diagram, you’ll need to Menu > Export/Import > Import from Google Drive > Select the diagram


    After Importing a Sheet from Google Drive you MUST Save the newly created file. Any changes you make after Import will not be saved if you close the tab without saving.

    Find out how to efficiently build a loot box with a large number of item drops in Machinations by using spreadsheet imports.


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